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Dr.  Carmichael’s book    HEAL ..A PSYCHIATRIST’S JOURNEY  is a must read for all health professionals, psychiatrists,therapists,caregivers,> ,physicians, and all patients who experience pain or treat pain.> Pain is like the air .  It is everywhere but unseen.   We live in a fast moving society that leaves the weak and sick behind.  Our society is focused on success, achievement, and perfection rather on acceptance. Dr Carmichael writes with patience and from her life experience as a healer.Her book is a heartfelt journey through the medical world of pain and therapy, as well as a comprehensive account of the current pain treatment modalities.

We all struggle to love and heal ourselves from life illnesses and trauma .Dr. Carmichael’s book HEAL is a gentle and heartfelt road map and a personal sharing of her life journey through physical illness ,pain, and depression.  Dr. Carmichael guides us as an insider who has used every medical therapy , physical therapy, and great Spiritual resources to heal herself.   Her empathy for patients and herself has led to healing and is the great gift of this book.  She is inviting us to join her in this successful life affirming process.

W. Roger Carlisle, M. D.

Written by a physician with enormous experience as a psychiatrist, primary care doctor, and pain clinic chief, this book can be a valuable source for members of the medical community who treat patients with body and mind disorders, and it is of great benefit to the patients themselves. It is organized in an extremely reader-friendly format. Most importantly, it provides valuable advice to both doctors and patients facing perplexing clinical situations. Dr. Carmichael is uniquely qualified to render these advices by virtue of her training and personal experience with serious illness. The book is a super source of advice and guidance for doctors and patients.

C. Glenn Cobbs, MD, Professor Emeritus of Medicine, University of Alabama Birmingham






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